Core Rehab Journey™️ - Bundle
Core Rehab Journey™️ - Bundle
Core Rehab Journey™️ - Bundle
Core Rehab Journey™️ - Bundle
Core Rehab Journey™️ - Bundle
Core Rehab Journey™️ - Bundle
Core Rehab Journey™️ - Bundle

Core Rehab Journey™️ - Bundle

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Core Rehab Journey ™️ 

is an on-demand, self-guided series from inside of J2M’s Coaching Community that helps Moms heal postpartum abdominal separation, known as Diastasis Recti. This program is designed for Moms looking to heal their core, improve core function, build core strength, and break free of common issues and concerns after pregnancy: leaking/incontinence, low back pain, prolapse, an abdominal “pooch” that never seems to go away—the list goes on. 

If you want to heal, feel your best and finally progress safely in your fitness journey — this is the program for you. And the best part: It’s never too early or too late to begin. This program is safe to begin immediately after birth, but not limited to only newly postpartum Moms. Postpartum is forever. So even if you had your baby/babies years or even decades ago: you can still heal, find the relief, and see the transformation you’ve been searching for all this time. 


This program may be purchased in segments or as a bundle. This listing is for the bundle. The bundle includes the Essentials and levels 1,2 and 3.  ALL PARTICIPANTS NEED TO BEGIN WITH THE ESSENTIALS FIRST. The Essentials Video outlines everything you need to know about Diastasis Recti, how to start at your current fitness level, and how to progress safely through each phase. 


  • Intro: Is This Program Right for Me? 
  • About Diastasis Recti: What is DR?
  • FAQs 
  • What Makes This Program Different?
  • DR Self-Check: How to Check for Separation
  • Coordinated Breathing & Core Function
  • Appropriate Exercise Modifications 
  • Commit to the Journey:  Progressing Safely
  • Start Your Journey:  Begin Your Program



J2M’s Core Rehab Journey ™️ program addresses much more than diastasis recti aka “the gap”.

Even if you don't have any separation, this program is also beneficial for newly postpartum Moms and/or Moms suffering from...

-Low back pain



-Abdominal hernia

-Postpartum Bloating or constipation

-Leaking during exercise and everyday movements like sneezing, coughing, running or jumping

Though common, none of these postpartum struggles are necessary! Or “normal”!

If you suffer from any of these—even it’s been years since you had your baby/babies—it’s time to consider a core rehab program for 



-Improved core function 

-Improved core strength 



All programs/videos are pre-recorded and in live time.

Exercise playlists are in live time with written checkpoints, timer sounds and music. However, there is no voiceover.

Why not?

Because Core Rehab Journey™️ Essentials Video all of the important information and breathing cues are provided in the workshop. This means Moms can follow along regardless of background noise at home and perform the exercises without overthinking. Just follow along and move!



Review the Core Rehab Journey™️ Essentials Video in its entirety for specifics on exercise prescription to ensure that you select the correct program BEFORE purchasing the appropriate level for your starting point. 

All programs are available for download and use immediately after purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. 

If you believe you experienced technical issues with your download during purchase, contact J2M customer service at

You will be able to re-download the same program you purchased with proof of your purchase order within 7 days of purchase. A valid receipt and picture or video clip of program that was downloaded or error message will be required to verify the issue and submit a request for an additional download. 

Note: All purchased programs have a limit of 2 downloads after purchase.